Tree Mats, Rolls and Staples 




Tree Squares (3'x 3') are primarily used for random tree or shrub

planting.They offer weed control and conserve moisture. University

and Government studies have proven that it greatly increases

survivability and growth. Tree squares come in 3' squares.

3' x 3' Tree Square plus Staples = $1.65/ea







Grow Tubes (4' tall)   Our grow tubes are great for protect-

ing tree seedlings from animals and weather.  Acting like a

mini green house, these tubes promote faster tree growth

and minimize future trunk trimmings and shaping of trees. 

Growth rates of 2-3 times faster have been observed in the

past two growing seasons by SWCD staff, after installing

grow tubes.

Tubes are $5.00 each and include support stake and


Contact Blake Honetschlager in our office from more information at (507) 232-2550 or email 

Sunbelt Woven Ground Cover (3' x 300') consists of 3.2 oz. polypropylene, which resists tearing, puncturing and weed penetration. It is approved for most government weed control applications. 

Sunbelt is ideal for greenhouses, outdoor displays and as a weed barrier for plantings without topical coverings where a weed free environment is a must. Sunbelt is striped every 12 inches to aid in plan alignment and is UV stabilized to last even in direct sunlight. 

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