Seven Mile Creek Watershed Partnership


The Seven Mile Creek Watershed Partnership (SMCWP) was established in 2011 to effectively meld the economic needs of producers with protection of the unique natural resources of the watershed. To orchestrate this effort Nicollet SWCD partnered with the conservation nonprofit Great River Greening to place a Seven Mile Creek Watershed Coordinator.

The SMCWP partners are a diverse coalition comprising:

  • Agricultural and conservation organizations
  • Private landowners
  • Community members

Join us

All landowners in the Seven Mile Creek Watershed have a unique opportunity to help by working with the Nicollet Soil & Water Conservation District and the SMCWP toward the installation of practices that address erosion control.

Whether you are a farmer, fisherman, park user, or concerned citizen, our efforts will not succeed without your participation.

  • Volunteer to assist with watershed monitoring and restoration events.
  • Attend our meetings and let us walk you farm: we need to understand your needs in order to craft and offer conservation solutions.
  • Participate and allow us to showcase new practices and opportunities for engagement

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