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Congratulations to Wayne & Dawn Molitor!

2016 Conservation Farmers of the year

Each year the Nicollet Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors selects an "Outstanding Farmer in Nicollet County". Wayne and Dawn were chosen because of their outstanding efforts in installing buffers and water control structures to help improve the 7-Mile Creek Watershed.




2016 Board Election Information


Buffer News : Read about the latest updates from the Board of Water & Soil Resources (BWSR)


Buffer Free Press Article:


DNR: Buffer Updates 11/21/16


DNR: Buffer Updates 11/29/16


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     Newsletter: September 2016

     2013 Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey  (PDF)

     Reinvest in Minnesota - Clean Energy Standards
          A working lands conservation program for

          growing native perennial crops for bio-energy.



NRCS Has Soil Survey Available Online 

The official Nicollet County Soil Survey is now available online from the Natural Resource Conservation Service,   Web Soil Survey. This interactive feature provides electronic access to the most current full soil survey report content providing users quick delivery of text, tables, and maps.

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